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Last updated on Jul 22 at 07:01am IST
30 days ago
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supportbee Sep 12 at 04:28pm IST

We have successfully completed the infrastructure upgrade, and are 100% operational. We are aware of some page speed issues that we are currently working on mitigating.

Apologies for the trouble, and thank you for your patience.

supportbee Sep 12 at 03:11pm IST

Eddie has a good question here. Please rest assured your emails are safe.

All emails will be processed once we are online, thanks to an import service that can receive and store emails until the rest of the system is ready to start processing them.

supportbee Sep 12 at 02:16pm IST

Hey folks, we have identified the root cause of the issue, and we are going down briefly to upgrade an infrastructure component. Sincere apologies for the problems this morning.

supportbee Sep 12 at 11:49am IST

We are actively working on resolving issues arising from the infrastructure upgrades.

supportbee Sep 12 at 06:00am IST

We did some significant infrastructure upgrades today. It will tangibly improve the quality of our service for years to come. Thanks for your patience!

supportbee Sep 11 at 07:04pm IST

Hi folks, There will be some downtimes today as we go through our infrastructure maintenance. Thanks for your understanding!

supportbee Aug 22 at 08:42am IST

We're back online! Downtime was approximately 30 minutes.

Thank you being patient with us. Have a great week ahead!

supportbee Aug 22 at 08:04am IST

Hi folks, we're taking SupportBee offline to undertake a small but important infrastructure upgrade. Expected downtime is 15 - 30 minutes. Thank you for your patience.

supportbee Feb 19 at 10:56pm IST

Releasing smart delivery for email notifications: using @magicbell_io

supportbee Dec 14 at 03:48pm IST

SupportBee is currently offline. We're actively investigating to determine the cause. We sincerely apologize for the trouble.

Please follow us here on Twitter for updates.